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Cataract Eye Surgery is one of the commonest strategies in India. We have all known about somebody in our family – guardians, grandparents, uncles or aunties going through cataract surgery. At the point when you/your cherished one are given an analysis of cataract and encouraged to go through Cataract activity, the extremely thought can offer ascent to a ton of inquiries, nerves and fears. One significant worry among these is – What to expect after Cataract Surgery.

Cataract activity includes eliminating the normal eye focal point which has opacified and supplanting it with a fake focal point called an intraocular focal point (IOL). Surgery is generally performed by a procedure called Phacoemulsification.

More current stitchless cataract medical procedures called MICS (negligible cut cataract surgery) help quicker mending and a gentler recuperation. In any case, all cataract medical procedures require a few safety measures to be taken. Here is a rundown of Do’s and Don’ts after Cataract Surgery in Maharani Bagh at Dr Sethi’s Eye Care Centre, one of the best eye hospital in Maharani Bagh, near Ashram.


  • Try not to rub your eye with your hand. This can remove the join if any have been utilized. Additionally, it can cause eye diseases. In the event that your eye waters or tingles, you can wipe it delicately with a spotless tissue or a clean, damp q-tip.

  • Try not to have a shower for the initial 10 days after surgery. This doesn’t imply that you need to abandon a shower for 10 days! You can scrub down underneath the jawline just and utilize a wet towel to wipe your face.

  • Try not to wash your eye with ordinary water for 10 days. \

  • Try not to enjoy exercises that may make harm your eyes. Try not to play with youngsters or participate in non-physical games like swimming for a month to dodge any odds of contaminations or wounds.

  • Try not to lift weighty loads. In the event that conceivable, evade profound and stressing hack, sniffling and stressing hard for stools for a month. In spite of the fact that these are hard to control, it may expand the weight in your eyes.


  • Do contact your eye specialist quickly if there is any issue.

  • You may start shaving after the third day after Cataract surgery in Maharani Bagh at Dr Sethi’s Eye Centre near Ashram, Delhi.

  • You can continue exercises like sitting in front of the TV or shopping following 2-3 days of surgery. You may continue all your standard family unit exercises following seven days.

  • Do ingrain eye drops routinely, as prompted by your eye specialist.

  • Do wash your hands with cleanser and water before you apply any eye meds.

  • Wear a defensive eye cap around evening time for seven days.

  • Clean your eyes with clean bubbled water utilizing cotton, 2-3 times each day.

Going through any eye surgery can be an extremely unnerving idea. However, it need not be so. Approaching the most recent innovation and experienced eye specialists can help you have confidence that your eyes are in safe hands. Additionally, realizing what’s in store after cataract surgery and how to deal with one’s eyes will help forestall confusions and guarantee a smoother, peaceful passage into a universe of more clear vision.

Dr Sethi’s’ Eye Center in Maharani Bagh is a head, multi-strength eye emergency clinic with a cutting edge Cataract Operation theater with eye specialists trained from the best organizations in India and abroad. Book a meeting with Dr Sethi’s Eye Center today, to benefit of a wide decision in cataract eye focal points and get the best cataract surgery experience in Maharani Bagh, Near Ashram.

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