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Oculoplastic Surgery is a sub speciality of Ophthalmology that deals with abnormalities and deformities of all the tissues that surround the eyes. This is directly related with plastic surgery as it works to improve the aesthetic value of the eye and part of the face Oculoplastic Surgery in ashram.

The Oculoplastic surgeons must complete an advanced training in plastic surgery after completion of their degree in Ophthalmology. This is also used to treat medical conditions. The area around the eye is extremely sensitive and complex. Oculoplastic surgeons perform the job of correcting medical and aesthetic deformities in this region with their extensive knowledge and experience.

The medical reasons for Oculoplastic surgery commonly include cysts on the eyelids or tumours on the eyelids. Vision obstruction such as drooping eyelids can also be corrected through this. Watering eyes, dry eyes, Thyroid eye disease and Blepharospasm are other medical reasons for performing this highly specialized Oculoplastic Surgery in lajpat nagar.

The aesthetic reasons of the surgery include correcting the baggy lower eyelids, toning the over-hanging upper eyelids, lifting the eye brows, increasing facial volume as well as removing the periorbital wrinkles. In every case, the process is complex and needs an expert to perform this eye-surgery.

Lacrimal surgery is a specialized type of oculoplastic-surgery performed on the tear glands of children suffering from congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction or some other condition that causes watery eyes. This can be performed on adults, as well. In most cases, patients are released just after the operation is performed. However, before deciding on Oculoplastic Surgery in new friends colony, it is essential to choose the best eye surgeon and eye surgical center with care, to get the best treatment in every respect. You can always check the website of the eye surgeons in delhi.

Any problem with vision, the visual system or the vision information processing of the brain needs immediate medical intervention. There are a number of optometric eye care centers with the best ophthalmologists that can help with any eye problems you may have. The problems you may experience with your eyes can be small or large, but in every case it is a good idea find treatment as soon as possible. There are modern optometric techniques that can treat many vision related problems. Vision problems like farsightedness or myopia can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

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