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Blurry vision in the presbyopic age group (over 45) is troublesome to all affected. This combined with cataracts whether early or late onset can be disturbing to one’s lifestyle. Groping for your eyeglasses in the morning or dealing with dry contacts is irritating to most. In the Delhi NCR, intraocular lens implants (IOLs) are a great opportunity to relieve that everyday stress.

In fact, almost the ages 45 and above have surgery every year to relieve these symptoms. Up to a few years ago, best intraocular lens implantation doctor in New friends colony were only mono-focal. This means that they provided improvement to only one distance, such as simply far or near. With the introduction of new accommodating and multifocal lens technology, needing glasses or contacts for any distance is a thing of the past. Adeh is one of the first eye surgeons in delhi area to dedicate his practice to the implantation of these premium lenses.

The process starts with a thorough consultation by adeh to make sure there are no other diseases in the eye. After the patient is thoroughly educated on the different procedures and lenses, it performs the surgical eye procedure under local anesthesia in sometimes less than a few minutes.

This surgical eye procedure is a lens based surgery, to replace ones natural lens, and to improve power of the eye at all distances. At the Arunodaya Desert Eye Hospital customizes the patient’s eye to the lens that best suits the patients needs and everyday activities.

He is the recipient of many awards and has lectured throughout the Delhi and abroad on the topic of implant surgery. The microsurgery only requires a small incision; stitches are unnecessary. On average, the whole procedure can takes between 15-30 minutes and your vision improves almost immediately with a total recovery period of a few days. Its of the Adeh Hospital, intraocular lens implantation in Ashram, including Torrance, performs lens based treatments, and a range of laser vision correction.

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